Top five tips to navigate your way through CES in Las Vegas

If you are one of the 160,000 expected attendees heading to the International Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas, welcome! For the past 40 years, Las Vegas has been host to CES and while many are return visitors, we know there are some newbies joining in as well. Here are a few tips to help guide you in the right direction while attending the show.

5. Use the CES and Radius Networks provided navigation system.

This navigation system allows CES attendees the ability to look up directions to exhibits within CES Tech West and Tech East. Using BLE beacons within the buildings, this app is a new addition for 2015 CES goers. CES

4. Wear comfortable shoes

You may want to look your best at CES, but no one looks good when you’re in pain. A s ensible heel or dressy flat shoe for women is essential. For men, don’t think you’re going to break in your new Gucci’s on the showroom floor.

3. Leave yourself extra time to get from point A to point B

You can see the Eiffel tower, so it must be easy to walk to, right? The truth is, while your destination may look close, it could be much further than it looks. Between finding the entrance to a hotel and finding your way around the casino floors, it’s best to leave early for that business dinner.

2. Don’t ask your fellow CES attendee for directions

Chances are, they’ve flown in from out of town also and they’re just as directionally challenged as you are in Sin City. Instead, ask a bartender, security guard or someone who works on property. They usually know the quickest and most direct way of getting around.

1. Use the Ride Genie app for safe, easy transportation

The Ride Genie app helps you get to your destination safely. Ride Genie only works with professional car fleets and drivers. While CES is one of the busiest times for drivers, you can still find a ride quicker and easier than traditional hailing methods. With a few quick taps on your mobile device, you can e-hail a car and avoid the hassle of long lines.

To download the Ride Genie app, CLICK HERE

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