Ask the Genie: Questions answered for Ride Genie in Las Vegas

We had a great launch yesterday and we’re on the ground and running in Las Vegas!

We’re working diligently to ensure customer satisfaction. We want our app to be easy, fun and intuitive to use! We’ve had a few questions right out of the gate and want to give you a few clear answers, direct from the Genie’s lamp:

Question: Why is the Genie putting a hold on my credit card?

Answer: Ride Genie puts a hold on credit card to mitigate fraud. Please note the hold is replaced with the actual charge of the ride and is not an added charge. We’ve also updated our app to ask if you really want to hail the vehicle, which should help prevent any accidental hailing!

Question: Android phones cannot add their zip code to the registration process.

Answer: We currently have a new version of the app that allows our Android users to put their zip codes in, available today!

Question: When I’m in the Ride Genie app, why can’t I see any vehicles?

Answer: Don’t worry, they’re out there! We’re working on letting you see vehicles anywhere on the map—wherever you drag your pickup location! Make sure you use the “trip mode” feature (the folded map at the bottom left of the main screen) to see the availability of cars, estimated times, and charges.

Question: Is it safe to add my credit card to the Ride Genie app?

Answer: Rest assured, we won’t share your information with anyone and we are verified, safe and secured. In fact, we are PCI compliant (we’ve gone the extra mile for privacy and security) We strive to go above and beyond in our customer service department, so if you ever have any questions, please feel free to contact us and CLICK HERE

We’re constantly making updates to improve our company to ensure the highest quality of service for our customers.

Got feedback? We want to hear from you! To send us a note, CLICK HERE

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